About us

Binkley's Shoe Shop was founded in 1933 by Porter Binkley. Now Binkley's is operated by fourth generation family members.  In the beginning we were faced with the challenges of the Great Depression. It was during those humble times that Binkley's discovered the true meaning of offering an excellent product and service at a fair price. 78 years later we still practice those same principles. Yes, technology has changed and so has the products we use. However, we use the best products available and still recraft shoes as our Great Grandfather did.

If you are looking for an instant shoe repair shop or a while you wait shop don't come to us!

We use Italian leather, American rubber, German made needles and glue along with the top brands in the industry. The most recognizable brand we use is Vibram.

Stop by today or mail us your shoes and let the cobblers of Binkley's Shoe Shop earn your business. Remember a �Worn Out Sole Should Be Resoled and Heeled�!

On May 16, 2011 Binkley's Shoe Shop moved to our new home on 8th Avenue in Springfield and became an LLC in March 2014.

Professional Full Service Shoe Boot
& Leather Repair Since 1933
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